Is your business flexible?

ElasticDeals is the Electronic Point Of Sales for your products and services.

ElasticDeals brings the high added value to your on-line business allowing you to sell products and services faster, cheaper and increased amount.

Is ElasticDeals right
for you?

Would you like to sell more and earn more?

ElasticDeals is an appealing business instrument that allows you to maximise revenue from your special offers. Greater sales productivity is driven by flexibility in determining the prices of your offers in response to actual demand – all this without limiting time and amount.


ElasticDeals is easy

It is all so easy. Simply download the application, register, and place your offer. You can begin selling immediately.


ElasticDeals is effective

ElasticDeals makes it possible for you to sell goods and services to your customers for the best prices. Find out what discounts sell the most and what the real price of your product or service is. Protect your prices! Discover this amazing sales instrument and maximise your earnings.

ElasticDeals is inexpensive

How much do you think is the cost of the tool that will help you increase the productivity of your website? Nothing? Is it even possible? No, it isn’t, but in our case you pay nothing in advance. You pay only upon purchase. The entire system is built on the simple charge of a 10% commission on executed sales. Simple and fair, isn’t it?

ElasticDeals is secure

The entire system is protected by Pay Pal Purchase Protection, the most modern protection available, which will protect your personal data and your customers’ money in the most secure way. All funds obtained through this application are sent directly to your account at the time of payment.