Elastic Deals = Win solution for sellers and buyers


Why you should use the Elastic Deals? Here are benefits for you:

It’s up to you - you know what your customers want, you know what products sell under what discount. You need not the expensive mediator between you and your customer. You are the best expert of your business.

Own electronic point of sales - create own Elastic Deals site and sell products by your own way. Use Elastic Deals as own selling solution and focus customers attention to special offers on your company web site.

Smart discounts - you can manage your income by setting more discount levels by your own way. Start with 50 % and end with 10%. Elastic Deals brings you 30% bigger income than selling products under the flat discount.

Immediate money - Money comes immediately to your account. You needn’t wait for them days or weeks. You’ll get your money to your account in real time - immediately after customer’s payment.

Enjoy the technology benefits - Elastic Deals is developed on Cloud Technology which is the most stable, faster and secure solution on today technology market. Where ever you are you can manage your business online. Your business will not slow-down or freeze because of server fault. Your offers will be always available.

Zero technology costs - centralized upgrades and administration. New functionalities are free of charge. No administration, infrastructure or development costs. Let us to do the technology, we let you to do a business.

Zero investments - no startup investments, no 25% fees. We take only 10% percents success fee plus transaction fee. Start your own free of charge social couponing solution.

Social business - marketing and PR on the fly. Limitless, addressed to real people on Facebook, or Twitter. Elastic Deals provides the interconnection between you, your products and your fans or potential customers on social networks.